How much does He love me? Let me count the ways

April 6, 2012 chris
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On the wall in my main room hangs one of my favorite pictures – a painting of Jesus holding the earth in His hand. Behind the image of Jesus is deep space with flicks of stars and distance planets. As He holds the earth, the look on His face is one of concern and compassion. Some nights as I am sitting at my desk writing, I’ll pause for a moment and reflect on what that picture means to me. I look at the vastness of space behind Him and how small Earth looks in His hand. It brings to mind that childhood sing-a-long, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hand.” Like a camera zooming in and out, I allow my eyes and brain to take in the vastness of space and the smallness of the earth. Somewhere on our planet is America, somewhere in America is my state and somewhere in my state is my city. I marvel that He is big enough to hold the world in His hand and yet small enough to fit into my heart.

I recalled a time when I was younger when I would go to the rooftop of our house and just look at the stars. 

During those times I wondered what life was really all about and what was beyond those stars. I didn’t really know it at the time, but the seeds of wanting to know the meaning of life were budding inside of me. 

It wasn’t until much later when the wonder of the world turned into the weigh that my search deepened. I found myself being tossed about like a ship without a sail. The things in which I had placed my trust failed. It can be a frightening thing to realize that your dreams were built on a sandy foundation. I had lost all hope until my grandmother told me what happened on Calvary some two thousand years ago. She told me about Jesus giving His life for me so I wouldn’t have to carry the weight of all those burdens. 

Why is He mindful of me? Why does He love me so? Why die for someone so undeserving? I have been disobedient, rebellious, unloving and selfish. And yet still He loves me. It is indeed amazing grace. Each day He showers me with His blessings. He protects, provides and forgives. After all this time, He still allows me to daily dip into the blood that flows from His veins. That explains the look on His face as He holds the earth, because it is inhabited by people He loves just like me.

Someone once asked, “How much do you love me Jesus?” 

“This much,” He replied and then stretched out His arms and died.