God’s message does not include questions marks

June 8, 2012 chris
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Let me first say that I am proud that our nation elected a black president. Considering our nation’s history, I believe it speaks volumes regarding the progress we have made along racial lines. 

Let me also say that I always believed that one day that would occur, just as I believe that someday we will have a woman president. As a matter of fact, I long held delusions that I would be the first black president, but my inability to get elected head dogcatcher cured me of those lofty goals.

Don’t get me wrong – the most important thing isn’t the color of an individual’s skin pigmentation but the content of his character. I find it deeply unsettling that the president and his administration decided to redefine what is a family by their endorsement of same-sex marriages. The most important thing for any leader to have is a true a moral compass, one that is rooted in a faith in God and dependence on God’s word and wisdom for guidance. It was true with King Solomon as it was for the many great leaders who founded this nation. No nation can long endure if we forget God. How can the created at any point turn around and tell the creator, “You know that whole creating us in the Garden of Eden thing? Well, you got it all wrong.”

There are some who say that America is a democracy and not a theocracy, that man is supreme and therefore knows what is best for man. They are partially correct. We are a democracy, but as history has proven, man left to his own devices can be a destructive force. 

We are a great country because our founding fathers had the foresight to set us on the right path after comparing and contrasting the strengths and weaknesses of other nations. We as a people are suppose to be the thermostat that maintains and help regulate society, not the thermometer that reflects majority opinion.

There is a scripture that asks, “Who’s report will you believe?” I chose to believe the report of the Lord. I cannot support any individual who puts a question mark where God has clearly placed a period. And in doing so, puts this country on the path of other nations that have fallen because they embraced a redefining of family.