No price tag on our relationship with God

July 27, 2012 chris
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  Perhaps the only thing sadder than the shooting tragedies reoccurring in our society is our inability to comprehend them. I find it ironic that after each shooting we are called upon by our leaders to pray. Why is prayer appropriate after these tragedies but inappropriate before?

Now they want more gun control laws. When the trench coat mafia entered the school killing many classmates and teachers and wounding others, there were over 2,000 gun control laws on the books. As a matter of fact, they were in violation of at least 17 of them. I have serious reservation whether or not more gun control laws could have prevented last week’s shooting.

When Cain slew Abel, there weren’t many people on this planet. There were no guns, yet Cain carried out a cold, calculated, premeditated murder. It is the condition of the human heart that is the problem. An unrepentant heart can be a weapon of mass destruction. There are those who believe we can fight a spiritual battle with natural weapons. While I agree that strongly enforced laws help curtail the actions of ungodly people, I don’t believe unregenerate men can stop doing evil. 

We are told in scripture that it is impossible for a bad tree to bear good fruit. When will we understand that we consist of mind, body, and spirit? Until we embrace this point, everything we do to stop this violence is like placing a band-aid on cancer. It happens over and over again, as a society we are willing to acknowledge the body. The fashion industry, health clubs, and our obsession with the latest fad diets all bear witness to that. We are willing to acknowledge the importance of education. Parents proudly display “Honor Roll” bumper stickers on their cars. 

Students are constantly told about the importance of ACTS and SATS scores. I marvel that we are willing to go to such extremes for the body and mind yet are so indifferent to the state of the spirit. If you were to ask a parent about their child’s spiritual condition, you might get the reply, “I don’t want to force religion on my child.” It sounds like a safe and logical answer, doesn’t it? But it is inconsistent with the actions we do take. We provide our children food, clothing, medical attention, books and computers.

Why is it that when it comes to our children’s relationship with God, we decide to take the hands-off approach? What we fail to understand is that the third part of man will not remain empty. When we refuse to teach love, hate is waiting nearby. When we refuse to teach what is right, perverseness is waiting in the wings. Instead of your child’s spirit being shaped by the Creator, the same one who deceived Adam and Eve will influence that spirit.

I believe the mind and the heart are like sponges, waiting to absorb the things of life. A wise person will discern who is allowed to make an impression and who is not. That is wisdom. We cannot ignore the spiritual part of ourselves and think that everything will be all right. No amount of prosperity or higher learning will take the place of a relationship with God. 

Each shooting cries out how foolish it is for us to continue trying to ignore the obvious. If we love the Creator, then He teaches us to love the created. If we are to correct this problem, we must begin with prayer, not end with it.