Love from my heart

September 14, 2012 chris
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 Love is what gives my life meaning. Everybody needs somebody to love them, whether that love comes from a companion, a parent, child, friend or even a stranger. It gives my life meaning to know I have someone who really cares.

   We all need to feel special. It doesn’t take much time to make someone feel good about themselves – maybe just a smile, a hug or maybe a compliment. Many times we come across someone who needs an extra lift to make their world a little brighter. All it takes is kindness. A small act of kindness may also become a gift to the giver. Remember, “A friend is someone who walks in when it seems the rest of the world walks out.”

 When I reach out to strangers, sometimes I find out we have much in common. Sometimes life gets so busy that I don’t take time to stop for anyone or anything.

Taking time to stop whatever I am doing to help others, even in a small way, can make my day much better just by caring.

   So when times get tough, it’s often hard to believe that it will pass. But, through faith, something wonderful – even miraculous – can happen.

   So when I would like to throw up my hands and say, “I can’t do this!” let me instead reach into my bag of “gems” and pull out the diamond of strength that keeps me going and remember – nothing is impossible when I set my heart and mind to it. I must remember I can’t change the past, but I can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying over the future.

  Thought: For some reason the future arrives sooner than it used to. So when one gets too old to set a bad example, then start giving good advice.