As it is in golf, it is in life

September 28, 2012 chris
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 We all stood on the outer edges of the No. 2 two green. 

Each player’s position was like the carnal directions on a map.

I watched as each individual grabbed a club that he felt would best helped him accomplish the goal of getting the golf ball into the hole. 

As I watched, it suddenly struck me how much like life golf can be

Each shot represents our roads traveled and each club selection represents the choices that cause us to arrive at our respective places. 

You make your decisions and your decisions make you.

With each shot, you must take stock of your situation and try to make the best decision given your resources. 

As my friends concentrated on their next shots, I concentrated on them. I reflected on what I knew about them.

All were men whom I admired and respected for various reasons. They were educators, businessmen, ministers and retired veterans.

I thought about the lives they had lived, the dreams fulfilled and deferred.

I thought about the hardships and obstacles they endured and how such adversity shaped their lives.

Every shot in golf can be like that.

Sometimes you find yourself in the fairways of life and sometimes you find yourself in the hazard.

As you learn how to deal with obstacles, sometimes your best shot can quickly be followed by your worst shot.

You learn to preserve, endure, and press forward.

If you are wise, you develop the resolve of thinking positive and doing your best.

Life can humble you, break you and reward you. Sometimes it makes you bitter and sometimes it makes you better. 

Sometimes when you feel certain that things aren’t going your way, you hit a shot that when done correctly, is enough to encourages you to come back another day.

“David, it is your turn,” said one of the guys. 

As I stood over my putt, I was reminded of perhaps the most important simile between golf and life.

It isn’t me against the other players – it is each player against the course.

Who will adapt, improvise and overcome?