Sayings from the old days

November 2, 2012 chris
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1. If it’s working alright, don’t fix that “thangamijig!”
2. “Spittin’ image”- an exact copy.
3. To get a little “flustered” or “in a tizzie.”
4. “Rat cheer” meant right near, as in “lay it rat cheer.”
5. “Pull up a ‘cheer’ and set a spell.”
6. Tolerable- not able to work at all, and hardly able to eat.
7. Tolerable Well- well enough to eat, but not well enough to work.
8. Fair to Middling- Not good, but not bad.
9.  “Plumb tuckered out” or just plain “white eyed.”
10. When you get hemmed in on both sides you were “caught between a rock and a hard place.”
11. A sack, often called a “poke” or something you tote things in.
12. You would lay on a “pallet” to get some “shut eye.”
13.  I remember mom getting a limb off the sweet gum tree to make us a toothbrush.Sometimes the old folks would slip their toothbrushes in their snuffbox and polish their teeth. Aren’t you thankful for Crest or whatever brand you use?
14. Whenever a young girl was unusually “purty” she was described as “cute as a speckled pup.”
15. Did you ever get a “hankering to do something?”
16. One of the things everyone appreciated after a hard day’s work was sitting down to a table full of “good vittles.”

Guess that’s enough about the “good old days.”
So, may God’s blessing be with you and yours.