Prayer from my heart

December 21, 2012 chris
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Lord this is a prayer from my heart.
I come to you just as I am. But-
I know that I must not go away
as I came. Do for me what I cannot
do for myself. Reverse the negative
direction of my negative thoughts
and lift me up, once again,
from every anxiety and apprehension.
Oh God, because I am human,
I have sinned, for your word says that
all have sinned and come short of
the glory of God! Lord I have
desired that which I should not have;
I have toyed with that which I knew
was not good for me; I have been preoccupied
with self-interest my ears have often
been deaf to your whispers; my eyes have
often been blind to the signs of your
love for me. So do something in my life,
Lord Jesus: make my heart warm and
soft that I may receive and accept
your personal benedictions when I stand
before you. Put me in the right place
and make me the right person, by
giving me seeing eyes, hearing ears,
a receptive heart and a sensitive spirit
that I may know you more. Lord, let me
be a help to others and touch them in
some way. When I stand before you,
I want to hear you say, “well done.”
Help me place my life in the hands
of an awesome God that never changes.
Lord help me to live a life of purity
and help me to be a good example to
others. Help my vision to never grow dim.
Thank you for blessing me abundantly
with good health. Help me to keep
the faith and finish the race with
eternity in view. Help me to remember
that sin will drain my spiritual power,
but true confession will rest it.
In your holy name I pray
Live simply- care deeply
Love much- speak kindly
Give generously- pray faithfully
Laugh often
And remember:
Life has many choices- eternity has two.
Make sure you make the right choice.
May God bless you.