7 days of inspiration

By Dot KelleyBy Dot Kelley

Day 1 – Treasure your yesterdays, live for your todays and dream of you tomorrows!
Day 2 – Make up your mind to be happy!
Day 3 – You have every reason to feel good about yourself!
Day 4 – The darker the night, the brighter the stars!
Day 5 – Give stress the day off!
Day 6 – Dream big – doubt little!
Day 7 – Let yourself win!
Take one day… feel great all week!
Just remember:
Happy memories never wear out. Relive them as often as you want.
“Laughter makes our day brighter and our hearts brighter.” Something about this day will be perfect if you can catch someone else’s joy!
Add years to your life by finding time for the three f’s. 1- Family 2- Friend 3- Fun!
Make time for some “Piece and Quit!”

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