Time for adventure

March 22, 2013 chris
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Another adventurous weekend for my grandson, Noah Jones!  He and his friend, Denis Hollingsworth, started the weekend by going to Homewood Park to walk in the MDA Walk 2013 in honor of his friend, Noah Kilpatrick. Around 400 people gathered to support MDA and over $54,000 have been raised for the cause.  

After the walk, Noah and Dennis went to Silvertron Café in Birmingham for a delicious lunch, then on to Sloss Furnace for a tour of the old iron mill.  Joe Cottington, a retired third generation Sloss Furnace employee, guided the tour. The boys decided to venture off on their own and went in the tunnel in hopes of finding some spirits from the dead…no luck though!!  It was a fun day, and the boys decided to cool off and end the day at Coldstone Creamery for an ice cream.

After church, the boys took off to Trussville PlayStation for a fun afternoon riding go-carts, laser tag, and mini golf.  They stopped by Fox Den Pizza in Argo for pizza and played in the arcade while there. The boys then visited the Big Oak Girls Ranch in Springville.  It is such a beautiful, peaceful place, and the lake is absolutely breathtaking.  

All in all a very fun weekend…and just one of many more to come!!  And, by the way, the boys couldn’t have done all this without their driver, Noah’s mom, Kathy!  She had as much fun as they did!

Noah is looking forward to their next adventure…be back soon with details!