Spending an Enjoyable Day with Friends

April 5, 2013 chris
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When I walked in the door of Hardee’s, my daily hangout, a friend of mine, Billy Yates, was getting ready to leave. He gave me a big hug and I asked him what he was doing at Har-dee’s.

He said a group from his church, Higher Ground Bap-ist, was going to Birmingham to spend the day shopping. He said they had one vacant seat the bus and asked me if I would like to go.

So I said without hesitation, “Yes, I would.” So I called my daughter, Kathy, to let her know where I was just in case she needed me. She said, “Go and enjoy yourself.” I guess I had as much fun as any of them.

We had three ministers on the bus – Brother Albert Morgan, his wife, Mamie, Brother David Johnson, his wife, Juanita, Brother James O. Wallace and his wife, Sarah.

The others who went om the trip were Billy and Holly Yates, Betty Sue Maise, Jean Watson, Mar-garet Washburn, Reba Kelley, Betty Sue Davis, Peggy Snell and the luckiest one, Dot Kelley.

Thanks to all you wonderful people for letting me go with you.

So Billy Yates, if you go on a daytrip again and have an extra seat, just call me, Dot Kelley. Thanks again.