Boys & Girls Club battles hunger with container gardens

April 15, 2013 chris
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By Donna Thornton/News Editor

Youngsters at the Basil Gilchrist Unit of the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Alabama planted tomatoes, eggplant and green peppers in community garden plots and in container gardens this week as part of program to help combat hunger.

Jenifer Grace of the Boys & Girls Club said the unit received a $250 grant to make the gardening project possible.

The effort is part of “What Will You Bring to the Table?” a Generation On project aimed at giving young people gardening knowledge and experience, and at supplying some healthy vegetables to people in the community who might not be able to obtain them otherwise.

The younger students lined up with cut-down milk jugs and other containers, measuring out scoops of potting soil and preparing to add plants and water.

Grace said the choice of vegetables was a practical one. Advice was sought on which plants were easiest and grew best in the type of container gardens the children would be preparing.

Older club members planted in the community garden plots.

Grace said she expects children will get to take their container gardens home if they need the vegetables at home April 12, or they can take the container gardens and give them to people who need them.