City increases noise/litter fines

April 19, 2013 chris
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 By Donna Thornton/News Editor

    If you want to be loud and trashy in the City of Gadsden, it’s going to cost you more.
    The Gadsden City Council voted April 16 to increase minimum fines for excessive noise and littering.
    Minimum fines for noise offenses during a 12-month period are: First offense -$250; second offense – $300; third offense – $350. Council member Ben Reed said the specified amounts are minimum fines. A judge will have the discretion to increase fines to $500.
    For littering, the minimum fines and penalties during a 12 month period are: First office – $250 and eight hours of community service; second offense – $350 and 16 hours of community service; third offense – $450 and three days in jail.
    Council President Bob Echols said people sometimes throw trash in the back of a truck planning to dispose of it later. If trash blows out of the back of a truck, those people could find themselves facing heavy fines.
Reed said he will be talking to the police department about enforcement of the litter and noise laws.
    Council member Billy Harris said those who get caught littering should be aware the community service aspect of their penalty will be picking up litter – not visiting a school or church.