Our God is detail-oriented

May 3, 2013 chris
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Have you ever given any thought to the fact that there are no two snowflakes alike? I have.

From the moment my teacher first shared that information with me, I was amazed. I wondered how that could be, thinking what a cold job it must be for the snowflake researcher. I pictured researchers walking around the world, knee-deep in snow, with a magnifying glass recording each new snowflake.

Having lived in Chicago, Kansas and Germany, I had seen a lot of snowflakes. The fact that no two flakes were alike blew my mind. I made my own snowflake out of construction paper with jagged edge scissors. Often the flakes were pretty, but none of these could compare to the enlarged ones I saw in science class. I remember thinking how awesome God must be that He could make so many and yet no two were alike.

It wasn’t until years later that I came to this same conclusion regarding people. I don’t know why it took me so long in that department. I guess that as a child, I was just a little bit more open-minded and fascinated with the snowflakes. Perhaps Frosty the Snowman played a role in that.

God once compared people to blades of grass and flowers in the field. He pointed out their beauty and explained how quickly they fade away. His point being, of course, that he took time to create the blades of grass and flowers but their beauty is nothing compared to the time and care He took in making us.

We are much more important than a snowflake or flower. He didn’t make any two people alike, either. We all have our own fingerprints and DNA. He made me because he wanted me. He did the same thing for you. This is part of the reason why I hate to see people trying to be like someone else. I cannot be like Mike; I am David. Even if I tried my best, in the end I would only be a poor imitation of someone else. Who wants to spend their life doing that? It is better to fail trying to be the real true me then to spend my life trying to be who I am not.

“I knew you before I made you,” God told Jeremiah. Another scripture states,

“Know ye that the Lord He is God, It is He that has made us, and not ourselves.”

We all want to be liked, but in the end, what is most important is that we realize we are as unique as a snowflake and that God loves us. He made you because you have something to offer, and don’t allow another snowflake to tell you any differently.