Our Trip to the Smokies

June 28, 2013 chris
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On Monday, May 27, Joe and Dot left to go to the Smokies with our friends Kenneth and Ernestine. We had an enjoyable trip up to Pigeon Forge. We stayed at Pigeon River Inn Motel on the Parkway.

We saw two great shows, “The Smith Family Singers” dinner show and the Comedy Barn Theater. They said you’ll laugh till you die! Well—we sure did laugh a lot but we’re still alive!! I always see something different every time I go to the Smokies.

Our first day, Kenneth drove us through Cade’s Cove and we saw all the beautiful mountains. 

We went to Ghost Town and through Maggie Valley to Cherokee Indian Reservation. Coming down the mountain there was a bad car and motorcycle wreck on a curve. We heard there was one death, maybe two.

Kenneth and Ernestine found a billfold up in the mountains, but they didn’t rest until they found the owner. Most people would have kept the money and left the billfold. We need more honest people like them.

We met a nice man, Bill Grafton from Steeleville, Illinois. He took pictures of us by a big rock wall. I’m looking forward to him sending us copies of them.

We went through Bryson City and stopped at Lera and Javior’s, friends of Kenneth.