Wisdom at the gate, calling

June 28, 2013 chris
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“And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord GOD, thou knowest.” Ezekiel 37:3.

That is the scripture that often comes to my mind when I look upon our society. (Our youth in particular) Can we live? Will we make it? Will we endure, and if so for how long?

Perhaps I am just getting old, or perhaps everyone at some point in their life starts to compare and contrast the current generation with of the past.

The bible states, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Contrary to what they say ignorance isn’t bliss. It is a destructive force. It is a waster of time and talent.

I got a call from a former student. He started off with the normal small talk but eventually got around to point. He wanted to borrow some money. When I asked, “How much?” I was surprised at the amount he requested and I told him as much. “I thought you wanted a larger sum,” I told him. “You could easily do some odd jobs and earn that amount of money.”

“I know that,” he replied. “But I don’t want to work for it.”

Needless to say I didn’t loan him any money. Where did he think my money came from? There seems to exist a mindset in this generation somehow has failed to grasp the concepts of all things that are important. The reason this concerns me so is because the child is father to the man. I, for one, don’t see how a wasteful childhood can produce a productive adult.

The bible states: “That wisdom is standing at the city gate, calling with an outstretched hand. How long you simple ones will you love simplicity?” It goes on to say, “Because I tried to warn you and you would not listen when you calamities come upon you, I will laugh.”

When I was an athlete I quickly realized that an average athlete who was coach-able was worth more to the team than a talented athlete who wouldn’t listen.

What good was blinding speed if you ran the wrong pass route? Better to have someone in the right place at the right time then an uncoachable speedster. We all cannot be athletes but we all have to live this life. It only makes sense to open your eyes and ears and learn wisdom from those who came before you.

Liberty equals knowledge and ignorance equals bondage or poverty. If our nation is to survive then it must do so because the predecessors realize they have an obligation to the successors, and vice verse. Education isn’t just a personal benefit. Our nation cannot endure with an ignorant and incompetent citizenry.

I don’t know how we lost our moral compass and became this silent majority but we had best start demanding everyone man up for the sake of us all!

Which brings us back to our original question, “Can these bones live?” I will answer that scripture with a scripture. “How can a young man change his ways? By taking heed to the word of God.”

You start there. Get the heart right and the mind will follow.