Local growers, fresh produce lovers, find meeting place

July 5, 2013 chris
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By Donna Thornton/News Editor

As the early summer harvests of fresh vegetables began to come in this month, local municipalities provided a place for farmers and customers to come together.

Farmer’s Markets throughout Etowah County give growers a place to sell their goods and local canners and cooks a place to turn for the freshest produce around, if they don’t grow it themselves.

Michelle Wade of W&W Farms, located in Sardis City, said produce seems to be coming in a little late this year, because the rain and the cold snap around Easter, delayed planting.

But at Rainbow City Farmer’s Market, she and other growers had potatoes, squash, fresh broccoli, cucumbers, green beans and blueberries for sale.

“Our peppers are coming in,” Wade said, pointing to some large, bright green bells. Wade said she, like many other growers, take their harvest to several different farmers markets.

One of the great things about a farmer’s market, Wade said, is that as the weeks progress, customer’s may see there’s a new vegetable of the week of sorts, as a different crop has come in.

The Farmer’s Markets at Etowah municipalities are on different days – making it convenient for growers and customers alike.

If a craving for fresh green beans and new potatoes can been satisfied in Rainbow City on Mondays and Wednesdays, in Glencoe on Tuesdays, Attalla on Thursdays and in Gadsden on Fridays.

Rainbow City
7 a.m.-12 p.m.
Mondays and Wednesdays
Rainbow City Hall parking lot

7 a.m.-1 p.m.
Beside the police

7 a.m.-12 p.m.
Parking lot of the Greater Gadsden Tourism/Mort Glosser Amphitheater