He Is

July 12, 2013 chris
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In Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, He is
God, Man, Messiah
In the book of Acts,
He is fire from heaven
In Romans, He’s the
grace of God
In Corinthians, the
power of love
In Galatians, He is
freedom from the
curse of sin

In Ephesians, our
glorious treasure
In Philippians, the
servant’s heart
In Colossians, He’s
the Godhead Trinity
In Thessalonians,
our coming King
In Timothy, Titus,
Philemon, He’s our mediator and our faithful Pastor

In Hebrews, the
everlasting covenant
In James, the one
who heals the sick
In First and Second
Peter, he is our Shepherd
In John and in Jude,
He is the lover
coming for His bride
In the Revelation, He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
He is, He is, He is!

The prince of peace
The Son of man
The Lamb of God
The great I AM

He’s the alpha and
Our God and our Savior
He is Jesus Christ
the Lord
and when time is no more
He is, HE IS!