The price of this man’s cow

July 19, 2013 chris
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This fellow was going to buy a cow, so he got to thinking, when you buy a cow, about all the add-ons to a $500 cow.
    A two-tone exterior- $45
    Extra stomach – $75
    Dual horns – $15
    Straw chopper – $120
    Fertilizer attachment – $185
    The storing compartment – $60
    Four spigots at $10 each – $40
    Cowhide upholstery – $125
    Automatic fly swatter – $38
    Total cost – $1203!

Hudson/McRae Family Reunion

Our 29th family reunion will be held Saturday, August 17 from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Carnes Center on Case Avenue. Bring your family and a covered dish. We always have a great time of fun and fellowship, so make plans to be with us. Last year we had 89.

My Thought

When I look at my life, my greatest happiness is “Family Happiness.”