Center of Hope

August 23, 2013 chris
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I stopped by the Center of Hope the other day and as I was getting ready to leave, I notice seven of the young ladies had grouped together and begun praying. I just stopped in my steps and listened to them and prayed along with them. They told me they pray every hour.

They told me that they go through discipleship training and have developed a true love relationship with Jesus Christ. Their hearts are filled with love for others and they have peace that passes all understanding. They also have been completely delivered from the bondage of addiction.

All of our thrift stores finance the housing, food and clothing for over 250 students, and through this, families are restored.

I was so glad I stopped by that Wednesday. I don’t know why I did, but God knows why.

McRae & Hudson Family Reunion
10-38-1985 – 8-17-2013

Our first reunion was held at the Elliott Community Center. Now it is held at Carnes Community Center on Case Ave. in Attalla. We had 74 of our big blessed family. My only uncle is Marvin McRae. We’ve had 16 years of good family fellowship.

We will look forward to number 17 next year.