‘Never Surrender’ stages ‘Bras for the Cause’ fundraiser

September 27, 2013 chris
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By Tara Fulford

For the third year in a row, Never Surrender is supporting the fight against breast cancer this October with the Bras for the Cause Campaign.
This unique and eye catching contest is designed to raise awareness and the importance of early detection through screening mammograms.

This year’s bras will be displayed at Advanced Imaging in Gadsden for the entire month of October.

As an organization that supports the local community, we want to educate everyone about the importance of early detection.

Decorated bras should be turned in at Advanced Imaging no later than Oct. 28, leading up to the Breast Cancer Awareness Day, which will be held at Advanced Imaging in Gadsden on Oct. 31, from 11a.m. to 1 p.m.

There will be free clinical breast exams performed by Dr. Suzanne Gilliland, door prizes, refreshments and more. All entries for the Bras for the Cause Decorating Contest will be judged at this event.

There is no fee to enter your bra.

Never Surrender just asks that if your decorated bra wins the calendar contest, you donate it to use in the Bras for the Cause Auction.

Never Surrender has also enlisted other organizations to lend a hand with the Bras for the Cause Campaign, including Absolute Fitness, The New You, The Willow Tree, and Keystone Bank. You can also follow the event on Facebook.

Grand prize for the winning individual bra is $500 CASH and for the organization or business is lunch for up to 20 employees.

Never Surrender is dedicated to promoting early detection through screening exams, as well as be a source of education and support for those affected by breast cancer.