This rod will not be spared

October 4, 2013 chris
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 There are moments in life when one feels truly free. One such moment is when you are a newly-licensed teenager behind the wheel of your first car.
    That’s what Jason was feeling as he drove his new Mustang home from school. It has been said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Jason got the power part but not so much the responsibility aspect. As a matter of fact, it was the power of those horses in his engine that caused him to drive 80 miles an hour in a 35 miles per hour speed zone.
    Needless to say, Jason’s excessive speed attracted the attention of a state trooper. As the trooper walked toward the car, responsibility whispered, “I told you so. You in trouble now!”
    Jason rolled down his window in response to the trooper’s tap. His heart was beating like a rabbit.
    “License,” the trooper demanded.
    Jason extended his arm and handed his license out the window.
    “Son, you have only had you license for three days?”
    “Yes, sir,” replied Jason.
    The trooper took a closer look at the license and asked, “Is your dad Chief Bynum?” Jason didn’t think his heart could beat any faster but it did.
    “No sir and please don’t call him,” Jason pleaded. “Just give me a ticket!”
    The trooper looked at Jason with disbelief.
    “Son, I know your daddy, and he has pulled my boy over twice. He didn’t write him a ticket. He called me, and now I’m calling him. You sit right there and wait.”
    The trooper then threw Jason’s new license across the hood of his Mustang. The license flew like a card and skipped like a rock before landing in the grass. The trooper spoke into his walkie-talkie and made the call.
    While waiting, Jason thought about his punishment. He had heard that in some places people preach that it takes a village to raise a child. Apparently his dad wasn’t from such a village. Some of Jason’s friends got restriction or time out, or loss of their electronics, but his dad didn’t believe in such sanctions, either. Jason’s dad believed in year-round pruning. He didn’t like low hanging branches. As a matter of fact, Jason’s yard had some of the best looking trees in the village.
    Once he got home, Jason knew he was going to have to select another branch to prune. He didn’t know how long it took for his dad to arrive, but it was long enough that he knew. He wondered how no one gave his dad a ticket for speeding, because he was certain that his dad exceeded 35 miles per hour in arriving to the scene of the crime.
    Jason’s dad drove by him, directly to the trooper. They talked as if Jason wasn’t there. He watched as the two men shook hands and returned to their cars.
    The trooper indicated for Jason to follow him. A small voice whispered, “Run for it,” While another voice whispered, “Don’t be dumb twice!”
    Jason drove home with a two-car escort. Upon arrival, he got out of the car. Right there on the front lawn in front of the entire village, his father pruned a tree and taught Jason a lesson about power and responsibility.
    Jason was 16 years old and it was the last spanking he ever got.
    The Bible states, “The rod of correction will drive the foolishness out of a child.”