City of Glencoe passes budget

October 18, 2013 chris
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The Glencoe City Council approved a $2.7 million general fund budget for 2013-2014 on Oct. 8.

Finance chairman Danny Wagnon reviewed the budget with the council and stated that the budget includes a 2.5 percent increase for all employees. Also included are funds to cover a 5 percent increase in insurance premiums.

Wagnon says projected revenues and expenses are flat with last year. “Most tax categories were slightly down for fiscal 2012-2013 so I cannot comfortably project any increase in revenue for next year,” Wagnon said.

“All departments will have to operate most categories on about the same budget as last year with very little new equipment being purchased.

 “Hopefully tax collections will be up next year but we are going to stay conservative until we know for sure,” Wagnon said. “This administration’s top priority is to grow our tax base so that we can continue providing the level of services our citizens deserve