Of rainy motorcycle rides and Sonsets

November 22, 2013 chris
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Behind me the sky was becoming dark and ominous. I set my face as a flint and refused to look back. 

Instead, I rode ahead with my head bowed just beneath the windshield. Some of the cold raindrops found my face, and many more found my hand.

The drops stung a little as they announced their arrival. Cars passed me by, and I am certain their thoughts of me, if they had any questioned my wisdom, were, “What is he doing and why? Who, after all, rides a motorcycle in this type of weather?” 

I do. And I have never claimed to be wise. I know that I am an odd fellow. I embrace it. The truth is, I have never wanted to be anyone but me. It would be a waste of time. Even if I could or would try to be someone else, in the end – at best – I still would be an understudy. I would rather have the leading role in my own life. 

At present, that life is me riding a motorcycle in the freezing rain with impending darkness. I should have layered up with clothes. Riding a bike will teach you that. But sometimes layering up is a commitment. I would have done so if this had been a longer ride, but I did not think it would be. As a result, my sunny mindset is caught in a mild storm. 

As I contemplate increasing my speed to conclude my journey, a strange thing happens as I lift my head above the windshield. Miles away, there seems to exist a tug of war where the sun has not yet yielded to the night. The setting sun somehow serves as a backdrop for those same dark clouds. 

As I focus on that wonderful image, I find that instead of speeding up, I’m slowing down. I’m now actually cruising. Although the conditions of my current circumstance have not changed, my focus has. For the moment has made a world of difference. It is still cold and wet, but that orange glow on the horizon beckons me forward.

This is why I ride. It is moments like these, to experience those mini life lessons that are reiterated to me during the simplest commute. I have found life to be like that motorcycle ride.

The things we endure often can be rough and tough. They may hurt us or cause us to be uncomfortable. You may even find yourself wanting to hurry up and get it over with. But I am convinced that in taking that attitude, we often may miss the meaning behind enduring the entire process. 

There are going to be storms in life, there’s no way around that fact. The tempest may blow and the breakers may dash during those times, but if you just slow down and change your focus from your circumstances and look instead to the Son, you will find things much more tolerable.

He has done it for others, and He will do it for you as well. Remember, life isn’t just a destination; it is a journey. Enjoy the ride!