Valuable lessons from children

December 6, 2013 chris
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I started a new book, titled, “Lessons My Children Taught Me About God.” Some may think that’s an odd title but it isn’t to me.

I don’t know if it is like that for everyone but I can rarely say, do, or think, anything without the concluding thought of God’s mercy, forgiveness, and acceptance of me.

This makes every correction one of mercy and, as best as I can see, one of thoughtfulness.

There are times that their actions shock, hurt, and even confuse me. There are times when I wonder, based on their actions do they even know who I am.

Sometimes the older children will hide a decision from me because they know I wouldn’t approve.

Sometimes they will counsel each other and leave me out of the picture entirely.

Instead of taking all that I would freely and willingly give they have placed me on the bench to be a spectator of their lives.

I like so many other parents am sometimes forced to watch a train wreck that I could see coming a mile away.

Sometimes I accuse them of being orphans by choice. “How are we orphans by choice daddy?” They ask.

I explain to them how God gave them a dad and how my fulfilling that role provides them protection when executed properly.

Often we have to agree to disagree because somehow God allowed them to concentrate years of wisdom into the short time they have been on this planet. 

That’s why I titled the book the way I did, because sometimes I don’t know if I am teaching them or if God is teaching me.

I recall a man in the bible who God told to go and marry a prostitute. His name was Hosea.

He did as he was instructed and as predicted he had to endure years of her being unfaithful to him.

Even the names of some of his children reflected his wife’s unfaithfulness. Hosea’s marriage to a prostitute gave Hosea insight into the hurt and heart of God.

At first sight one might think how awful a life it was for Hosea and you would be correct, but at the conclusion we see what God was really trying to say.

By this time Hosea’s wife’s beauty has faded. Time has no been kind to her and she has not been kind to time. She is for sale at what could best be described as a slave auction.

It is at this point when God commands Hosea to go and buy back his own wife.

It is in that purchase that I see God’s love for me. It is in that purchase that I see my unworthiness. When I compare and contrast the two how could I say or think anything other than the grace I have received.

Whether it is dealing with my children or my fellow man that thought is never far from me.

Jesus once asked a question regarding love to the individuals who were following him.

He basically described two people who owed a debt and both were forgiven their respective debts.

His question was, “Which individual loved his master more?” They answered, “He who was forgiven the greater debt.”

That’s who my children have as a dad, an individual who has messed up so many times he has lost count.

Someone who has experienced the love, mercy, and forgiveness of God. You need not hide or worry about me, because the entire time I am talking to you, God is talking to me.

“Brethren, If a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering yourself, lest you also be tempted.” Galatians 6:1