The Birth Place of Joe Stone

December 27, 2013 chris
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Joe is now a resident of Gadsden, but he was born on December 24, 1936, in Goodwater, Ala. He was the youngest child of O.D. and Sarah Ollie Stone. He had 20 brothers and sisters.

His dad used to buy them shoes all at one time for 50 cents a pair. His dad was a farmer and plowed with a mule. Most all of his brothers were barbers. His sons and grandsons are also barbers.

There are 18 Stones that are or were barbers. Joe’s son Randell is a barber in Albertville. Four of Randell’s sons are barbers and two of them barber with their dad.

Joe’s dad built his grandmother Stone a house in their yard. It is still there. Her name was Elsi Dealie Celestie Cordelie Sesamire Susie Macamore Stone (yes she had six names). Joe’s dad used to hold church service in their yard under an old oak tree.

When Joe was a small boy, he fell off the porch and his leg stuck on a nail. He was hanging there when his family found him.