Area Bits & Pieces

January 3, 2014 chris
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Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.” 

We may never know why God does what He does, because we cannot possibly fathom the depths of His love for us. How can we comprehend a love so grand, so giving? That He knows us, knows our thoughts, and loves us anyway. That He sees our dark hearts and longs to put light into our lives. That He sees our sin and longs to wash away its stain. That He offers us love when we are filled with hate. That He offers us redemption about our lives.

We don’t understand this kind of love because we look at Him through our human selfishness, our conditioned relationships and our self-centered motivations. In our human condition we will never grasp His commitment to loving us. So we have to daily put to death our human nature. Our prayer has to be, “Lord, teach me to be like you.”


Why are you so good to me, when I fail You repeatedly, forever filled with human frailties, going my own way without You? 

Why do you wait so patiently when I run my own course without once asking Your choice, coming back bruised, in need of you?

Why do You love me “in spite of,” when I love You “when” I desperately need a friend, receiving another chance from you? 

Why would You have died for me when I’m so unworthy of any portion of you sympathy, getting it anyway from You? 

Why are You all these wonders when the world is filled with hate, You’re the love that appeases or pacifies. Is this what it means to You? Then teach me to be like You.