My Masterpiece studio announces art show winners

January 10, 2014 chris
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My Masterpiece Art Studio & Gallery, LLC had its 2nd Art Show last month. The results from the award ceremony were as follows. General Art Class is taught by Hilary Blackwood and the cartoon animation class is taught by Zachary Noah. 

Acrylic (Junior Division) 1st Place: Polka Dot Lady, Lauren Peterson, 2nd Place: The Best Moment, Desirae Cramblet, 3rd Place: Witches, Emmy Dillard. 

Acrylic (Senior Division) 1st Place Moai Ghost Man, Elizabeth Peterson tied with Koi Pond, Courtney Carroll. 2nd Place: Bijou, Eleanor Rowe, 3rd Place: Lightening Thief, Jared Reneman.

Mixed Media (Junior Division) 1st Place, Crown of the Day, Emmy Dillard. 

Mixed Media (Senior Division) 1st Place: Owls, Courtney Carroll, 2nd Place: A Happy Toon Place, Eleanor Rowe, 3rd Place: Large Burlap Cross, Elizabeth Peterson. Honorable Mention: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Courtney Carroll.

Oil (Senior division) 1st place: Fruit bowl, Jared Reneman, 2nd Place: Bird, Courtney Carroll.

Oil (Junior Division)1st Place: Butterfly, early flo-wer, Emmy Dillard.

Abstract (Junior Division): 1st Place: Hawaiian Flower Surprise, Emmy Dillard, 2nd Place: My Anger, Lauren Peterson.

Abstract (Senior Division) 1st Place: Lolling Opus, Elizabeth Peterson, 2nd Place: Wildcard, Elizabeth Peterson, 3rd Place: So I was Thinking, Courtney Carroll, Honorable Mention: Joker Graffiti, Jared Reneman.

Best Storyline–1st Place, Desirae Cramblet. Neatest Drawings–1st Place Eleanor Rowe. 

Zachary Noah Cartoon Animation Award (Junior)–Desirae Cramblet.

Zachary Noah Cartoon Animation Award (Senior)–Eleanor Rowe.

Overall awards:

Rookie Award–Elizabeth Peterson.

Most Improved–Jared Reneman.

People’s Choice Award–Joker Graffiti, Jared Reneman.

My Masterpiece Best Junior Overall Award–Polka Dot Lady, Lauren Peterson.

My Masterpiece Award (Best Overall)–Fruit Bowl, Jared Reneman.

Student of the Year: Jared Reneman; Employee of the Year: Zachary Noah