Mitchell students welcomed meteorologist James Spann

January 17, 2014 chris
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Students at Mitchell Elementary enjoyed a visit from Channel 33/40 Meteorologist James Spann on Jan. 15. 

He encouraged students to read and learn math as he told the story of his first-grade teacher giving him a book on weather which sparked his interest and to this day his passion is weather forecasting. Students learned the importance of having a plan when severe weather approaches. They learned about tools such as weather balloons used by meteorologists to record weather statistics and viewed videos of severe weather.

Spann shared radar pictures of wind velocity and taught students how to recognize a tornado on the radar. 

At the end of his presentation, Mitchell school present Mr. Spann with a cake formed in the shape of a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk with a picture of a radar and Mr. Spann sitting on top of the loaf of bread holding the word SNOW. 

The caption read “Quick!  Grab your milk and your bread.” Students at Mitchell Elementary appreciate the hard work  Spann does to keep us informed and prepared for severe weather.