My World Traveler

January 24, 2014 chris
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My grandson, Noah Jones, had the privilege to travel with People to People Ambassador Program this past summer. He and 40 other kids from North Alabama traveled to Italy, Sicily and Greece for 20 days.

It was an experience he will hopefully never forget. In Rome, they toured the Colosseum, St. Peter’s inside the Vatican City and the Catacombs. From there they traveled to Naples and then took an overnight ferry to Sicily.

In Sicily they had the opportunity to experience life with an Italian family during a home-stay for several days. Noah said that was the best part of his trip! They also put on their dancing shoes and enjoyed traditional Sicilian dancing and hiked up Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano. 

They took another overnight ferry to Greece where they spent the last few days of their trip. In Greece, they went to Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic games and took part in a unique educational meeting about the production of one of Italy’s most important products, olive oil.

They joined in a service project in Crete that was devoted to the protection of the sea turtles by preserving their natural habitat and reproduction procedure!

In Athens, they toured the Parthenon and the majestic Acropolis. Twenty days later he is on his way back home, and we sure have missed him!

Now on to his next adventure: a trip with People to People this summer to 7 different countries (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, England and Austria.) I’m so glad his parents are giving him the opportunity to travel and see the world with such a great organization.

Have fun and stay my world traveler!