Ungandan Thunder Children’s Choir to perform/raise money in Gadsden area

February 14, 2014 chris
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By Donna Thornton/News Editor

Lynne Perkins is excited about an upcoming visit from the Ugandan Thunder Children’s Choir at Gadsden Christian Fellowship.

The choir, made up of children from a Ugandan orphanage, will perform at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 26 at the church. They also have performances at Westbrook Christian Academy and Southside High School.

Perkins, who is director of missions at the church, said Ugandan Thunder’s tour raises money – “Pennies for Posho” – to feed the children in 14 orphanages in the African country.

Posho, according to the Pennies for Posho website, is the staple food of Uganda and many countries across Africa. In other countries, it may be called ugali, sima, or sembe.

It is described as a second cousin to grits.

It’s made from ground up corn flour mixed in water. It has a consistency like “a tough batch of mashed potatoes.”

Traditionally, Ugandans take a handful of posho, roll it in a ball with the right hand and dip it into a sauce or stew of vegetables or meat.

Perkins has seen posho for herself. She said she’s traveled to Uganda and visited in the 14 orphanges fed through the choir’s fundraising efforts.

Perkins said she’s seen the needs there and knows the importance of the fundraising the choir is involved in.

There is no admission for the concert at Gadsden Christian Fellowship, but an offering will be collected for the choir.

The 2014 Ugandan Thunder Children’s Choir hails from the Royal School and Orphanage and Morning Star school.

During their performances, children from the choir are housed with host families in the communities where they perform.

The choir will be touring the southeastern United States January – June 2014. 

According to the website, the concerts consist of Ugandan drum songs, track songs in the Lugandan language as well as songs in English, including songs familiar to Americans.

“The children will sing and dance and worship. It is not a just a performance; it is a worship service,” the website states.