March 7, 2014 chris
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On Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at Cathedral of Praise, SAM’s Club (Senior Adult Ministry) met for our monthly meeting. Around 30 seniors gathered to fellowship and enjoy a pot luck lunch.  Rev. Tommy McLaughlin was our guest speaker. We were honored to have him and his lovely wife, Sheila, with us today.  

Rev. Tommy’s topic was “Be of Good Cheer” whether we are healed in this life or not, knowing our sins are gone if we have them under the blood, is our hope beyond this life.  

John 16:33 “I say these things unto you, In this world you may have trouble, (and this world is definitely in trouble) Be of Good Cheer”, I have overcome the world.”  

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Rev. Tommy ended with something Billy Graham said “I owe my sins are gone, but my main concern would be If I have done enough to please Him”.

SAM Club meets every first Tuesday of the month at 12 p.m. in the Common Grounds room at Cathedral of Praise on Meighan Blvd.