Spend your time wisely

April 4, 2014 chris
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We’ve all heard the expression, “Stop and smell the roses.” But how often do we really take the time out of our hectic lives to notice the world around us?

Life gets so busy that sometimes it seems we don’t have the time to stop for anyone or anything. But every now and then, something happens that forces us to slow down and take a good look at the world around us.

It could be a loved one who needs us, or a stranger is trouble, or maybe a friend that has a broken relationship who’s feeling sad or lonely.

We may be upset and crushed, but their situation touches us and we stop whatever we are doing to help them. In a small way that really matters, we might make the world a better place. We just might entertain an angel unaware.

We need to keep our hearts and minds open. We could encounter a situation when least expected that could become a life-changing moment in our lives. 

When I see someone with no arms or legs it makes me thankful I still have mine.

When I see a blind person, I thank God that I can see. Maybe I need to slow down and see the beauty all around me.

If we are normal, in a day we all are allotted 24 hours, our heart beats 103,689 times, our blood travels 168,000,000 miles, we breathe 23,040 times, we inhale 438 cubic feet of air, we eat 3 pounds of food, we drink 2.9 quarts of liquid and speak 4,800 words, most of us speaking  some unnecessary ones. 

But don’t forget, God in heaven controls all of these.

My thought:

“Time is like money, it disappears while we’re trying to decide what to do with it.”