Go ahead, have a good laugh

May 9, 2014 chris
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Scientists have been studying the effect of laughter on human beings and have found, among other things, that laughter has a profound and instantaneous effect on virtually every important organ in the human body.

Laughter reduces health-sapping tensions and relaxes the tissues as well as exercises the most vital organs.

It is said that laughter, even when forced, results in a beneficial effect on us, both mentally and physically.

So the next time you feel nervous and jittery just indulge in a good laugh. 

So don’t worry, Be happy!

Everybody wants to live longer, BUT … 

Nobody wants to grow old. We never stop laughing because we are old.

We grow old because we stop laughing.

For some reason the future arrives sooner than it used to. So – when one gets too old to set a bad example, they start giving good advice.

When life turns to lemons, just make lemonade.