Girls Scouts kick off summer break

June 13, 2014 chris
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By Lindsay Seagraves/News Editor

Seventy-five Girls Scouts kicked off summer break by attending a weeklong camp at Noccolula Falls June 2-6. 

Activities included swimming, hiking Black Creek Trail, crafts, songs and nature walks. 

One outdoor activity received many “oohs” from the Scouts, as camp leaders taught them ways to cook outdoors. Demonstrations included cooking beans in a cast iron skillet over an open fire and grilling hotdogs. 

An interesting demonstration showed the girls how to bake brownies in a cardboard box covered in tinfoil. 

Camp director Holley Murphy said, “By the end of the day we’ll have fully cooked brownies,” as the girls watched with amazement. 

Murphy is a 13-year Girl Scout leader, who works with the girls alongside her mother, Carol Cash. “We like to keep the girls doing things all summer long,” Cash explains, “We have girls from all different walks of life; some from Etowah County and some from out of town.”

Another camp leader, Lynne Walker, is a Troup Leader for the Scouts, and encourages girls from kindergarten to high school to stay in the program.  

High school Girl Scouts are privileged with being camp leaders and staying overnight at the Falls on the last night of camp. 

Murphy says information about Girl Scout camps and meetings are passed out in schools during the spring. 

The cost for camp is $35 for a registered Scout, and includes a t-shirt and lunch for the week. Murphy says the entire camp fee is nonprofit, and goes back to the Girl Scouts organization.