Alabama Entertainers compete in national event

The Alabama Entertainers Talent Co. competed June 17-21 at Panama City Beach in the Platinum National Dance Competition. Eight acts were chosen among five hundred to dance in the grand championship gala for the recreational junior and senior divisions. The studio was honored by having two dances for each division selected.

In the junior division, the studio production number, “No Place Like Home”, was crowned national champions and the clogging dance, “Barefoot & Buckwild” received 3rd place.

In the senior division, the lyrical dance, “Time”, placed 2nd and the clogging dance, “Banjo”, placed 3rd in the national finals.  

Congratulations to all the talented dancers, choreographers, Alyssa Duke Bennefield & Brooke Boozer, and our studio owner, Mrs. Deanna Duke.

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