School rivals compete in fundraiser

August 22, 2014 chris
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By Sarrah Peters/News Editor

Ronnie Watkins Ford hosted Drive 4 Ur School on Aug. 16. 

The fundraiser offered $20 to schools for each person that test drove a car, regardless of whether or not they bought the new cars. 

Two schools participated in the fundraiser. Rivals Hokes Bluff High and Glencoe High both encouraged participants to test drive a car for their school. 

Glencoe and Hokes Bluff high school students were raising money for their respective athletic foundations. The money will be used for sports, where it is needed at each school. 

The fundraiser was approached as a competition, to see who would raise more money. 

“It’s a healthy competition,” said Glenn Bright, president of Glencoe Athletic Foundation. 

According to David Evans, the rivalry is approached lightheartedly. 

“It is a great rivalry. They’re  [Glencoe High fans] actually your neighbors. We just face off in sports,” said Evans, president of Hokes Bluff’s Athletic Foundation. 

Both Evans and Bright wished their rivals well in the fundraising efforts and hoped that everyone raised a good amount of money. 

The results of the fundraising contest were close, with Glencoe High School narrowly winning with 157 test drives. They raised a total of $3,140. 

Hokes Bluff H had 143 test drives and raised a total of $2,860.