By Danny By Danny "The Vagabond" Crownover

The Hattery and the Mormon who never crossed the plains

In 1868, three years after the Civil War, Gadsden’s first industry came about in the form of a hat factory. The hattery, as it became known, was  established by Allen Gaylor near Noccalula Falls. He brought his family from Tennessee and came into this area to start his trade.

The hattery was located near the present-day Kiwanis Building on the old road

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By Craig FordBy Craig Ford

State leaders need to work for us and not against us

I believe that education is the great equalizer. If you give children a quality education, then with hard work they can make their dreams come true. That is why it is so disheartening to see millions of dollars taken from their education every year so that a handful of (mostly wealthy) donors can get yet another tax break.

It seems the

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Southern Cooking with Andy Bedwell

The Best Banana Muffins and

Fresh Blueberry Pie

After World War ll, a lady described a typical picnic lunch for that time in history. She said they packed a shoe box lunch and took off in the pony cart for a beautiful place in the woods.  The usual contents were:  fried chicken, tomato sandwiches, buttered

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By Craig FordBy Craig Ford

Simple principle: jobs mean revenue

There is a simple business principle that many understand and that economists have spent years dissecting and discussing in books, on television and in newspaper articles - creating jobs for people means generating revenue for all sectors.

Unfortunately, for Alabama, there are people in leadership that don’t understand that simple principle. Instead of wanting to create jobs that will help solve

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By Danny By Danny "The Vagabond" Crownover

The WPA and the Forrest Cemetery Chapel

This week The Vagabond talks about the Work Projects Administration and Forrest Cemetery Chapel.

In October 1929, the stock market crashed wiped out 40 percent of the paper values of common stock and triggered a worldwide depression. By 1933, the value of stock on the New York Stock Exchange was less than a fifth of what it had been in 1929.

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