A big step forward for the lottery and a bipartisan solution to budget crisis

  It isn’t often these days that you see Democrats and Republicans agreeing on major policies. But that’s exactly what began to happen last week.

It is no secret that our General Fund budget is in desperate shape. The proposed budget cuts that were released the other week would gut our government to the point that it could shut down,

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By Danny By Danny "The Vagabond" Crownover

Birth and development of the steel industry in Gadsden

  The Vagabond recently pulled out a speech prepared and presented by the Vagabond’s father, Dr. Kenneth A. Crownover, who was a combustion engineer and energy coordinator for the Southern District of Republic Steel Corporation and gave speeches to Gadsden area clubs as a member of the Republic Steel Corporation Speakers Bureau.

Dr. Crownover writes:

“Republic Steel Corporation at Gadsden,

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By Robert Halsey PineBy Robert Halsey Pine

Loving God in Christ through the Spirit

  The Holy Trinity can be as confusing as we want to make it. God did a really good job in making our connecting with Him, in and through His Holy threesome, a relationship changing event. As we find in the first chapter of John, the Word was with God from the beginning and He sent Him to us in

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By Craig FordBy Craig Ford

A disturbing trend in the Alabama legislature

  My wife Gwen is an incredible woman. I see it every day of my life. Not just in how hard she works or in the way she supports me, but in the most important job any of us could ever have: being a parent. Gwen always goes above and beyond for our family, as do many other mothers, wives

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By Danny By Danny "The Vagabond" Crownover

Joe Noojin well-known local piano player: Part 4 and final

  Over the last few weeks, The Vagabond talked about the late Joe Noojin, an Etowah County native who had been a musician for many years. He is pretty famous across the U.S., and finally wrote his biography. In reading Joe’s biography, one cannot help but chuckle or downright start to laugh! He continuously makes fun about his short height

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