By Danny By Danny "The Vagabond" Crownover

“And your young men shall see visions…” Part Six

This week we are back on the pamphlet written by the Gadsden Women’s Club called A little book about Gadsden, which tells about the early periods of the Gadsden area. It continues....

“On August 23, 1855, a small group of Baptists under the leadership of Rev. J.J.D. Renfroe, met and organized the First Baptist Church. Phillip Archer helped write the Articles

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The Neighborhood Scoop by Dr. Cynthia L. Toles

The New Canaan Baptist Church celebrated its 17th  anniversary on Sunday, Oct. 5 at 3 p.m. New Canaan Baptist is known as “A Little Church with a Big Heart.” 

The program included a 50-plus mens choir from Birmingham called the Men of Praise.  These men did an awesome job of singing songs of praise. 

Pastor Larry G. Weathers of the Antioch Missionary

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By Craig FordBy Craig Ford

Where I Stand

As a state representative, there are a lot of causes I am proud to make a stand for. My two biggest priorities, and what I have devoted the majority of my time to, have been job creation and education.

But I have also been proud to take a stand for our second amendment rights, and proud to say that I have

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By Danny By Danny "The Vagabond" Crownover

The Vagabond - Woodliff family in Gadsden

This week the Vagabond will take a break from the little pamphlet written by the Woman Club called A Little Book about Gadsden.

This week, there are 42 descendants of A.L. Wood-liffe who are in town for a reunion, coming from Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Alabama. The group is planning to visit to the Etowah Historical Society and

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By Craig FordBy Craig Ford

Why we need more women in leadership

It’s no secret that women are a little more than half of our population. In fact, out of the more than 2.7 million registered voters in Alabama, just over 56 percent are women.

And yet, women only hold a few elected offices in our state government. In the state legislature, only 14 percent of senators and representatives are women. In the

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