By Craig FordBy Craig Ford

Making progress on I-759 will take the whole team

Many times in my life, I’ve seen that teamwork really does work. Whether it’s in sports, business or government, every member of the team gets together and comes to an agreement - a little give from some people and a little take from others. For teamwork to really work, however, everyone involved, including the leaders, must be willing to

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By Danny By Danny "The Vagabond" Crownover

Hazel Oliver’s Umbrella Stand & Cook Brothers Pottery

Around seven years ago at the Etowah Historical Society, there was a big thunderstorm that soaked everyone for the May meeting. This placed Hazel Oliver in the mood to find the society a “historic” umbrella stand.

Hazel went home and looked around. She decided that since her old churn had served well as her home’s umbrella stand, it would

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Pictured above is the Southside City Hall. Southside was ranked the third safest city in Alabama.Pictured above is the Southside City Hall. Southside was ranked the third safest city in Alabama.

Four Etowah cities make top 30 safest in Alabama released its 30 Safest Cities in Alabama Report last week, honoring 30 cities from 18 Alabama Counties.

Four of the safest 30 cities in Alabama are located in Etowah County. Rainbow City was ranked 28, with an average of 2.9 violent crimes per 1,000 citizens and an average of 25.23 property crimes per 1,000 citizens. Glencoe was ranked

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Late County Commissioner Tidmore remembered

By Sarrah Peters

News Editor

Etowah County District 2 Commissioner Kenny Tidmore passed away  Saturday, February 21 at a Birmingham hospital.

Tidmore will be remembered by his fellow commissioners for his hard work and compassion. 

The first time District 3 County Commissioner Larry Payne met Tidmore was while Tidmore was behind the counter of the Noccalula Village Chevron that he owned.

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Blessed by the same old quality suit

I have never been all that particular about my clothes. I want to look presentable, but I usually don’t go out and purchase the highest quality clothing. My wife tells me that I have no taste. I would rather have lots of inexpensive clothing that wears out fast than a few good items that will last me awhile. 


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