A visit to Keener, Alabama

May 17, 2013 chris
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A few years back, the Vagabond along with the late Jerry Jones went up to the little community of Keener, Alabama.

This little community is located a few miles Northeast of Attalla. Located between Attalla and Keener is the town of Reece City and a long-forgotten mining town community of Crudup.

Keener long ago was once known as Greenwood, and it is located in Little Wills Valley. Keener  is not far from where Sequoyah invented the Cherokee alphabet.

This quiet little community is like going back in time.

There are old buildings everywhere, including an old bus stop, churches, a voting house, and an old store.

Keener was named for Polk Keener, one of the area’s early settlers. This little community is sure to bring a lot of memories to old-timers!