The Neighborhood Scoop by Dr. Cynthia L. Toles

July 11, 2014 chris
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A special Thank You. There has been much said about the Central-Carver Reunion 2014 this past week. Yes, it has been about remembering, reminiscing and the gathering of classes, families, friends and classmates returning to Gadsden that some have not seen in 45 plus years.  Central-Carver School (Wildcats) is embedded in the hearts and minds of the alumni and community. We now know that a school is the life of a community. Central-Carver was the center of our universe. The Central-Carver spirit will always live in our hearts.

This article is dedicated to an individual who had a dream. The dream was that all persons who entered the doors of Central-Carver would have an opportunity to unite, fellowship and see each other even though the structural building did not exist anymore. Sherry Twymon-DeRamus is the individual that birthed this dream, this reunion, into reality. Sherry has worked hard and untiring through the years to make the Central-Carver Reunion a grand success. She attended Carver and is a member of the class of 1966.