Ford and Nordgren re-elected

November 7, 2014 chris
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By Sarrah Peters/News Editor

State Representative of District 28 Craig Ford was re-elected on Nov. 4 over his opponent Doug Sherrod.

Ford received a clear majority in most of the poll boxes. 

Ford received the news at a gathering with his supporters located at the Printup building in Downtown Gadsden. 

Nervous, but hopeful Director of Constituent Services Brett Johnson tallied up the votes and announced them to the room, usually resulting in cheers from the gathered supporters. 

Ford received approximately 67 percent of the votes, although the results are still unofficial. 

“It was a very humbling experience, I mean that sincerely,” said Ford, after the results came in.  “It makes you realize, more people now are independent, and I think that is important. I think our message needs to be that we all need to work together. Today, I didn’t win, District 28 won. Educators won, state employees won, and the middle class of District 28 won.” 

He went on to thank his supporters. 

Ford is one of the few Democrats to get elected to Alabama’a legislature, as most of the state is Republican.

Becky Nordgren also won her re-election as State Representative against Michael Gladden, in both Etowah and Dekalb counties. 

“I hope we continue the good things we’ve started,” said Nordgren. “I am very excited.” 

Nordgren also thanked the tight-knit group of family and friends that worked with her. 

“We worked hard,” said Nordgren.