The Downtown Dance Conservatory prepares to debut new dance

January 16, 2015 chris
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  The Downtown Dance Artists are preparing to debut a brand new contemporary dance work in the coming weeks. Titled “For Frida Kahlo”, the piece is inspired by the iconic visual artist of the same namesake. Much of Kahlo’s work was inspired from a tragic trolley accident in her youth which caused her to be in physical and emotional pain for the remainder of her life. She would often paint the body casts that restricted her movement as a way to interpret her reality. The essence of Frida’s spirit inspired the project as a representation of the passion for life she demonstrated through the confines of her life. 

DDC will debut the work at the 2015 Alabama Dance Festival on Sunday, January 18th in  Birmingham, AL. The Downtown Dance Conservatory was selected through an adjudicated process as one of 23 companies in the state to represent the City of Gadsden. The piece is choreographed by DDC director, Linze Rickles McRae. Sixteen local dancers were selected to perform the new work.