Power Play rules

September 14, 2015 chris
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Power Play rules

You have an opportunity to make history for your school, and earn a prize from the National Center for Sports Safety and the Alabama Power Foundation:


Participating in Power to Friday Night is easy! Simply upload to Instagram your “Power Play” video or photograph that was taken on game day and use #powertopanthers or #powertosaints, depending on your favorite team.


What is a Power Play? A Power Play is anything related to the game that makes you want to share it with the world. It can be a play on the field, your favorite band member, a great cheerleading routine or even a shot of the best fans in the stadium! If it’s something you think is a great high school football game experience, that’s your Power Play.


Post your Power Plays during or after the Southside vs. St. Clair County game on Friday, Sept. 25. You have until Sunday, Sept. 27 at noon to get your Power Plays loaded. After the submission time ends, five of each school’s Power Plays with the most “Likes” will be placed on the Gadsden Messenger website so voting can begin for the top Power to Friday Night school. Voting will open Monday, Sept. 28 around noon, and close on Friday, Oct. 2 at 4 p.m. During that time you can vote for your favorite Power Play.


Why do you want to submit Power Plays and vote for your team to win? Because the winning school receives a $1,000 donation from the National Center for Sports Safety and the Alabama Power Foundation.

The winner will be announced on Friday, Oct. 2 on the Gadsden Messenger website.