Local church leaves scarves for those in need

January 15, 2016 chris
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By Sarrah Peters

News Editor

In downtown Gadsden, scarves and gloves are appearing tied to trees and benches. Attached to them with a safety pin is a card that says, “I am not lost!! If you’re stuck out in the cold please take this to help you keep warm.”

On the back of the card are bible verses.

The scarves are part of Harvestfield Church in Rainbow City’s ministry outreach to help the homeless stay warm as temperatures drop. This is the second year the church has done this project.

The project began in February of last year when the idea was posted on Facebook. The project has grown from there. 

“Once we started doing it, and the word got out, it was amazing how many people said ‘Hey, I want to help with that. I want to be a part of that.’ and started donating and helping,” said Dave Bolin, a pastor at the church. 

The church has made many efforts to help the homeless, or less fortunate led by church member Cathy Kruse, who is passionate about these projects. Recently, church members have been crocheting plastic mats out of old grocery bags, so no one has to sleep on the ground. The church also hosts a monthly dinner at The Salvation Army.

Helping the less fortunate is only one of the many ministries the church offers. The members are involved in prison ministry, assisted living ministry and foster home ministry, including boy’s ranches like Eagle Rock and Big Oak. They help Carpenters for Christ and Habitat for Humanity build homes. They began a backpack program that discretely provides needy kids with food on the weekends. The church members also partner with a children’s home in Zambia.

“We believe that there is plenty to do here, but God has also called us to go out to other places,” said Bolin.

The church was built to focus on the ministries, or as the church members call them, “kingdom journeys.” With only two services on Sundays, the ministry is based out of home groups that make members more likely to leave their comfort zones.

“Filling this building has never been the goal,” said Bolin. “Our pastor says every Sunday ‘We gather so we can scatter’ back out into the community.”

For more information on Harvestfield Church and its ministries, visit www.harvestfieldchurch.org.