House Democrats respond to allegations, call for investigation

March 25, 2016 chris
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“We are deeply troubled by the allegations that have surfaced over the past several days regarding Governor Bentley and our state law enforcement agency, ALEA,” said House Minority Leader Craig Ford (D-Gadsden). “While the governor’s personal affairs are personal business, the duties of the Office of the Governor are the people’s business.

“We hope the Attorney General’s office will swiftly and judiciously investigate all allegations that Gov. Bentley asked law enforcement to lie about a criminal investigation or that he misused his office or public funds in any way.

“While press was circled around the governor yesterday, a General Fund budget was passed that drastically slashed Medicaid and put our people and our economy at risk. While we discussed numerous allegations of misuse of public funds, a bill is moving through the legislature to make the state auditor a political appointee by the governor.

“The legislature will continue forward in the regular session in the coming weeks, and our policymakers must have our attention solely focused on creating good policy that builds a better Alabama.

“Instead, we have only seen more and more evidence of systemic corruption reaching the highest levels of our state’s government. The people of Alabama deserve better.

“Public service is about doing what is best for the people of Alabama, and it is clear these countless distractions – whether criminal or ethical – are affecting our legislature and now our governor. It is time for the circus to stop.”