Job Corps empowers women

May 13, 2016 chris
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By Sarrah Peters

News Editor

On Friday May 6, the women of the Gadsden Job Corps gathered to embark on a journey of female empowerment. 

The women met at the Gadsden Job Corps and walked to The Carver Community Center with signs the students had made. Signs displayed encouraging messages about women. One sign said, “Empower each other!” Another read, “Together we stand!”

The students and staff made the signs together in advance as part of the project.

Once the women reached the community center, the women wrote on balloons and released them as a symbolic way to let go of the past.

The event was the brainchild of Job Corps Academic Manager Sherry Hixon. Hixon was inspired to do the event because of the upcoming Mother’s Day on May 8. 

Hixon also wanted to demonstrate to the women that helping each other to the top is much more important than tearing each other down to reach the top. 

“It’s very empowering to realize that no one achieves success without help from others,” said Hixon. “When we succeed, we can be that to someone else.”

Hixon also noted that women can come from very different backgrounds and still work towards supporting one another. 

“Our diversity unites us, not divides us,” said Hixon.