The Vagabond - History of Gadsden city officials, Part II

June 17, 2016 chris
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This week The Vagabond continues with naming all the known mayors and officials of Gadsden.


LL Herzberg
Mayor L.L. Herzberg

Mayor: L.L. Herzberg. Aldermen: J.R. Hughes, First Ward; J.H. Holcomb; Louis M. Smith; Otto Agricola; W.H. Sutton.


E Blackwood

Mayor E. Blackwood

Mayor: E. Blackwood. Aldermen: Robert L. Miller, First Ward); C.H. Ritch, Second Ward (resigned Oct., 1901, W.L. Echols elected); R.C. Co-nnor, Third Ward; T.B. Gwin, Fourth Ward; Joe B. Tolson, Fifth Ward.


Mayor: Robert Campbell. Aldermen: J.P. Armstrong, First Ward; M.W. Moore, Second Ward; Lawrence Smith, Third Ward; C.L. Guice, Fourth Ward; J.D. Dunlap, Fifth Ward (office declared vacant on Nov. 7, 1904, C.S. Ward elected on Dec. 27, 1904).


Mayor: Charles P. Smith. Aldermen: Pelham Sitz, J.M. Sullivan, W.P. Lay, C.E. Cowan, Obal Christopher.


D Dunlap

Mayor D. Dunlap

Mayor: D. Dunlap. Aldermen: P.E. Sitz, First Ward; George S. Vann, Second Ward; S.D. Jacobs, Third Ward; D.H. Baker, Fourth Ward; J.D. Stewart, Fifth Ward.


WT Murphree

Mayor W.T. Murphree

Mayor: W. T. Murphree. Aldermen: G.C. Allan, First Ward; D.D. Goode, Second Ward; Lee Whorton, Third Ward; S.S. Caldwell, Fourth Ward; A.T. Stocks, Fifth Ward.


WC Bellenger

Mayor W.C. Bellenger

Ordinance No. 897 was adopted in February of 1910 rearranging wards. A president of the city council and mayor would now be elected, along with two aldermen from each ward (there now being four wards instead of five). Election would be held in September for terms beginning October. Mayor: W.C. Bellenger. President of Council: George S. Vann. Aldermen: E.A. Rogers and W.C. Yarbrough, First Ward (Yarbrough resigned in February of 1911; Carl Lay elected); C.E. Christopher and W.P.  Johnson, Second Ward; L.N. Hill and C. Tolson, Third Ward; A.M. Rattray and P. Sitz, Fourth Ward.


John Holcombe

Mayor John H. Holcombe

Mayor: John H. Holcombe. President of Council: James C. Tolson. Aldermen: John T. Keeling and Tom H. Scoggin, First Ward; Homer S. Jackson and W. P. Johnson, Second Ward; Paul E. Allison and J.R. Coin, Third Ward; Ira C. Ballard and W.H. White, Fourth Ward.


WC Bellenger

Mayor W.C. Bellenger

Mayor: W.G. Bellenger. President of Council: C.E. Christopher. Aldermen: C.M. Adams and Edwin Pickard, First Ward; W.P. Archer and Clyde Stevenson, Second Ward; J.L. Curry and E. Foreman, Third Ward; Carl Lay and Roe C. Tingley, Fourth Ward.


Mayor: W.P. Johnson. President of Council: C.A. Stevenson. Aldermen: Griffin and G.H. Myrick, First Ward; W.P. Archer and W.H. Mayben, Second Ward; Lee W. Murphy and W.H. Portner, Third Ward; A.M. Rattray and Ree Tinsley, Fourth Ward.

WP Johnson

Mayor W.P. Johnson


Mayor: W.P. Johnson. President of Council: C.A. Stevenson. Aldermen: G.H. Myrick and E. W. Pickard, First Ward; C.T. Coker and F.M. Culpepper, Second Ward (Coker resigned to enter Y.M.C.A. army overseas work; W.P. Archer elected); W.C. Cox and L.W. Murphey, Third Ward; R.W. Camp and E. Owens, Fourth Ward.