Tracy’s Oils offers oils and more

April 23, 2018 chris
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By Sarrah Peters, News Editor

Tracy Walker is the owner of Tracy’s Oils, which aims to provide quality, additive-free essential oils in a wide va-riety of scents.

Walker mixes many of her own scents, creating unique essential oil mixes. The skin-safe oils can also be used as perfume or cologne.

Walker, with help from her daughter, enjoys creating new scents. Of her 400 scents, Walker mixed about half herself. One favorite is Unicorn Spell. Other unique scents include Fresh Prince (created while Walker was watching the television show), Big Juicy, Monkey Farts and Zach Attack.

Zach Attack is a special scent for Walker. She and her daughter created the scent to smell like Walker’s deceased son’s cologne.

Walker’s oils are sold for $3 for half an ounce, $5 for a one ounce spray and $7.50 for two ounces.

To accompany the oils, Walker sells essential oil lamps, including desktop lamps, wall unit lamps and touch lamps.

Walker also sells crocheted items that she makes. She has made crocheted blankets, stuffed animals, children’s booties, swimsuits and more. Walker began crocheting when she was 12 years old, and is open to creating customized creations.

Unlike most businesses, Walker delivers the Tracy’s Oils products to customers. Although she will deliver just about everywhere, for deliveries more than 60 miles from Ball Play, customers must spend more than $25.

For more information or to place an order, call 256-399-8408 or join the Tracy’s Oils Facebook group.