Cherry Creek residents donate items to Etowah Baptist Mission

May 25, 2018 chris
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By Sarrah Peters, News Editor

Cherry Creek Village residents and staff wanted to give back to the community, so the senior living facility recently held a drive to collect items to donate to Etowah Baptist Mission Center. Residents, staff, visitors and even a resident that hadn’t moved in yet donated to the drive.

Cherry Creek collected a truckload of clothes, accesories, hygeine products and more for the center.

Cherry Creek resident Beverly O’Hara is a volunteer at Etowah Baptist Mission Center and was happy to help the organization even more.

O’Hara said that residents may not be able to give back to the community as much as they used to, but that this drive gave them the opportunity to give back.

The drive was such a success that Cherry Creek decided to make it an annual event.

In addition to providing food with a food pantry, the Etowah Baptist Mission Center provides clothes that clients can choose from a store that the volunteers set up from donated items. The center can also provide household items such as dishes, small kitchen appliances, hygiene products and linens in case of emergency situations. The center even helps expecting mothers with necessary items during a monthly baby shower. Clients with children are given “birthday bags” with supplies for parties and a gift for the child. At the end of summer, the center provides clients with school supplies.