Black Creek Complex construction kicked off

June 22, 2018 chris
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By Sarrah Peters, News Editor

On Tuesday, June 19, City of Gadsden officials hosted a kick-off event for the beginning of construction on the city’s new Black Creek Complex.

The Black Creek Complex, located at 215 North 21st Street next to the new Boys and Girls Club in the former General Forrest Junior High School, will become headquarters for new home of Gadsden Transportation Services (DART/Trolley). The Gadsden Public Library will be opening a new branch, called the Simpson Branch, at the facility. The complex will also provide additional space for the Gadsden Police Department. Gadsden Mayor Sherman Guyton said that there is some extra space in the facility that the city has not yet determined what it will be.

“This is really good for this part of town and even some other parts of town,” said Guyton.

Guyton discussed some of the rooms the complex will have, including a homework and computer room. Individuals donated money to the project to name the rooms.

Representatives from the City of Gadsden, the Gadsden Public Library, DART and the Gadsden Police Department attended the event.

“We’re really looking forward to getting this project kicked off and going and serving our community and city,” said City of Gadsden Public Affairs Administrative Supervisor Mary Catherine Crain.

Guyton also shared his nostalgia of the old school.

“The gym looks just like it did in 1971 when I was coaching here,”  said Guyton.